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...signals "uninvited guest" also to your mobile phone

The acoustic glass break detector does not need to be glued onto the window pane. It just needs to be installed in the same room where the windows are going to be protected. The detector is analysing the distinctive sound which occurs when breaking a window. This is an advantage
where large windows or a number of windows are needing to be protected.

False alarms are eliminated as the unit not onlyregisters the breaking of glass but also theshock wave frequency which occurs if a window is smashed.

The AGFEO Glass Break Detector can remain on guard even when you are at home as it will not react to dropped glasses or similar items. It can also alert you on your mobile phone.

Technical Data:
Dimension:126 x 68 x 58 mm
Weight:200 g
Temperatur Range:-10 to +55º C
Frequency:868,3 MHz
Battery operated:AA 3 x 1,5 V
Siting:Indoors (IP3x min.)

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