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    If you not only need a telephone system for making calls, but also want to secure your home, open the door or turn on electrical appliances, then the AGFEO AS 3x is the choice for you!
    With the AS 3x, AGFEO has developed a modular telephone system that does more than conventional systems. It offers communication solutions and technical innovations to the highest possible standard and which are not normally found on telephone systems.
    Are you looking for a telephone system that can also secure your home?
    This is no problem for the AS 3x. This system has been developed to allow the direct connection of intruder equipment such as glass break detectors or PIR's. The 12 Volt power supply required to operate burglar alarm equipment is already integrated in the AS 3x. Should an intruder being detected then your mobile phone will be called immediately. With the optional installation of the AIS Module you even can receive a message such as 'Intruder detected in Warehouse'. The loudspeaker connection can be used for announcements in a waiting room at a doctors surgery for example. In addition background music can also be played. This useful feature can also save time to allocate staff.
    The AS 3x can also be used for hotel and guesthouse application. Each extension can set their own wake-up call. A wake up message can also be played if the optional AIS Module has been installed. Whether you want to remotely operate lights, heating or an electric operated garage door, the AS 3x is so much more than 'just a modular ISDN Telephone System, either for home or business applications. The system has been designed for up to 20 extensions and with the software pack of TK Suite you will have access to all available system functions.
    Why compromise on features. Choose the feature packed AS 3x so you can

    Configuration AS 3x
    ISDN Line
    ISDN Line switchable internal/external
    Internal S0
    Analogue Extensions
    External Music-on-Hold (MoH)
    PC Interface (RS 232 C)
    USB Connection with ISDN modem functionality
    Doorphone (TFE) interface (FTZ)
    Loudspeaker connection
    TK-Suite Basic Software Package
    Slot for AIS-module
    Optional Slot for the following Modules:
    S0-Module 420
    S0-Module 440
    T-Module 408
    LAN-Module 310
    DECT S0-Base (connection via the internal S0)


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