AIS Module 400
Data Sheet

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The AIS Module 400 for Slot 4 has the same basic functions as the AIS Module – but offers additional features:
Speaking Clock
Every phone connected will have a speaking clock function.
The AIS Module 400 offers a speaker connection. Tannoy announcement via a telephone can easily be made to a waiting room or to the shop floor if a loudspeaker is connected. Background Music is available with the connection of a CD Player. Prior to an announcement the background music will be faded slowly.
Alarm - and Control Functions
The AIS Module 400 offers two 12V/ 200mA connections for the supply of infrared movement detectors. Different movement detectors and many other sensors (Glass Break Detectors, Thermo Switches etc.) which do not require a power source can also be operated. Both connections can store an individual message.
Door Bell
The Module has a four wire connection to the FTZ 123D12 standard and a two wire connection for the installation of a door phone. The door bell can be an optional connection of a loudspeaker. (individual melodies can be stored)


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