Door Phone TFE 4
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AGFEO Door Phone TFE 4

AGFEO Door Phones can be connected to the analogue extension port of all AGFEO Telephone Systems. These units are available from one up to four bell push buttons and can be operated from any telephone extension including cordless telephones. Any of the telephone extensions may speak to visitors at the door and if so required may also open the door. The name plates are illuminated but require a bell transformer.
The same applies if a lock release has to be operated. The door phones have been specially designed to be used with AGFEO Telephone Systems.
The door phones are for vertical or horizontal installation and may be flush or surface mounted.

Plug Top Power Supply
Output Voltage: 6 - 24 V AC AGFEO Door Phone
TFE 4 with name inserts for three or four buttons.
Available in White or Silver.


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